Boudoir Photographer based in Montgomery, Alabama and destination. Empowering women to take pride in their body and femininity through tasteful imagery that tells their story. Bamabear is a featured Photographer on Design Aglow's Boudoir Week 2017.


Most boudoir sessions are typically given as gifts to someone (that's dope) and I offer prints and images for you to give to said person. Some have just always wanted to do one for the hell of it and I dig that as well. However, I like to think I take it a step further with the belief that it should be about you, the praising of your femininity, and your triumphs over any hardships you may have endeavored along the way through tasteful and sensual imagery. The more you're open about your life the more the images become something more than someone in lingerie. 

They have purpose and feeling. They evoke rather than provoke. Looking a certain way is not the same as feeling it and I think the lines get blurred sometimes making people forget what it means to feel something.

Her story wasn't easy for her to tell. Battling with depression and the ongoing destructive relationship was hard to hear coming from someone just beginning their twenties. The toxicity of negative emotions raging inside is hard to see externally and difficult to put into words. I don't know what it's like living with something that can cripple your life, however, her honesty and openness with me gave some insight into what her and many others fight with on a daily basis. That feeling of being torn apart from the inside out regularly is frightening and exhausting.