Boudoir Photographer based in Montgomery, Alabama and destination. Empowering women to take pride in their body and femininity through tasteful imagery that tells their story. Bamabear is a featured Photographer on Design Aglow's Boudoir Week 2017.


"Originally, this boudoir shoot was supposed to be a Valentine’s gift for my then boyfriend, but oddly, while I was dating him, a time to actually shoot never worked out. Then we broke up in early April. Thomas reached out to me again to do the shoot and it finally happened in early May. The original intent was to be a gift for another person, something genuine and romantic, but the intent changed and transformed into an act of love for another person… to one for myself. From first reaching out in February to Thomas, to the final product, he did more than I could ask for with every step.  He is a photographer who cares not only about the photos but the person he captures in them.  He is able to take the concept of boudoir and intertwine it with a fine art aesthetic that shows his own personal gesture with each frame. As a woman, as one who did this with a fragile heart and an even more fragile self-esteem, I would advise any woman to do a boudoir shoot with him." - Cason