Documentary photographer. When I travel, I love to document the culture and architecture there to later share with others. I capture the moments that go unseen when everything is moving too quick to pay it any notice. The world is a pretty big place full of extraordinary people and places. Those places and people have an art story to tell and I plan to tell them through words and photographs.


On the Seventeenth of January in the year 2018 AD, the state of Alabama shut down after an attack by Mother Nature's Bombogenesis. No fun was had by a single Alabamian that day. Snow men and women began to sprout up in peoples yards across town warding off potential predators. It was a frightful scene to witness while walking around on the icy roads of Cloverdale and East Fairview. Those who braved the elements were left to defend themselves with the only way they knew how: snow balls. Unfortunately, photographs of both the snow people and snow balls are not available due to the freezing temperatures and snow creating a type of seal over the cameras mechanical parts and because I had to defend myself from being taken away by Death's chilling grip. Take my word for it, it was a horrendous sight and many things can not be unseen. Luckily I survived, along with many other fellow Alabamians, to share my tale in hopes that a future generation will be better suited and prepared to endure the wrath of Mother Nature. She can be so cold and cruel at times so treat her with respect.